Arduino UNO R3 Board

Arduino UNO is the most reliable board of the Arduino family. Troniction has selected UNO because it is one of the most documented and most used boards. Arduino UNO is very popular with beginners.

Arduino UNO R3 Board

Features of UNO R3 Board

  • 14 digital input/output pins
  • 6 of the above can be used as PWM outputs
  • 6 Analog inputs
  • 16 MHz ceramic resonator (CSTCE16M0V53-R0)
  • a USB connection
  • a power jack
  • an ICSP header
  • a reset button

ATmega328P Microcontroller

ATmega328P microcontroller is the base of the Arduino UNO board. The worst that can happen when you play with the board is you may need to replace ATmega microcontroller.

Download ATmega328P Datasheet

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