Motor Driver Module - L298N

L298N Arduino Car Motor Driver Module 3D

Troniction Car Engine

Power amplifier for the wheel motors of your car. Arduino board power is not enough to drive all 4 motors. Motor Driver L298N drives the motors with additional power.

Connect L298N to Car

Connect L298N to Arduino

L298N Specification

- Logical voltage: 5V
- Drive voltage: 5V - 35V
- Logical current: 0mA - 36mA
- Drive current: 2A (MAX single bridge)
- Max Power: 25W
- Weight: 30g
- Size: 43 x 43 x27 mm

Download Motor Driver Datasheet

Arduino Motor Driver L298N Module Pin Diagram

Arduino Car Motor Driver Pin Diagram

When you use more than 12V, a separate power supply should be given via +5V pin and 5V Enable jumper should be removed. When the voltage is less than 12V, 5V Enable jumper will power up the logic IC via the main supply.

A Enable and B Enable can be given PWM signals to control the speed of the motors.

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